May 10

6 Reasons Why People Use Oatmeal In Soap

Have you ever wondered why people put oatmeal in soap? You can find oatmeal in a variety of skin care products. So, what’s the deal? Oatmeal offers some really awesome benefits for your skin, and a lot of these benefits can be passed on to your skin through Continue reading →

May 10

We Choose Natural!

We’ve discontinued a few soaps recently, and we’ve already explained this a couple of times, but I’ve gotten a few of e-mails lately from people asking why their favorite soap is discontinued. Allow me to address this:

There are two basic ways to scent soap. One is to use fragrance oils, and the other is to use essential oils. Essential oils come straight from the plant. They are most often distilled out of the plant blossoms or leaves using steam and are completely natural. The other way to scent soap is using synthetic Continue reading →