Jan 10

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils…No Such Thing!

As we have been reaching out to different stores to make our product more available, we have been asked some questions about our essential oils. We have also been told by some stores that they’re looking for “therapeutic grade” essential oils. We’ve been in this business for a lot of years, and “therapeutic grade” was not a term we were familiar with. Time to do some research! Continue reading →

Jan 10

Solid Lotion…Who Would’ve Thought!

This month we have tried something a little different. Instead of having a soap for the soap of the month, we are selling our regular Shea Lotion Stick for the soap of the month price. A solid lotion stick is very different than what most people are used to.

One of the differences is that it is solid (duh!). Continue reading →

Jan 10

What’s Going on at Alabu

The past year has been really busy around Alabu. We spent quite a bit of the year at craft shows which we really enjoyed. There are few things that make us happier than being able to meet our customers, or talk about our soap. We take a great amount of pride in everything that we offer. November was especially busy. Every weekend was a craft show and most of them were away from home. Continue reading →

Jan 10

Need More Input!

On January 1st, we sent out our monthly newsletter with a link to a survey in it. We are looking for input on how we can better serve all of our customers. This is very important to us. One thing that we have seen already is that a lot of you would like to see more products. We ask that if you have any suggestions, leave a comment. We are really interested in what everyone is looking for. We have started some R&D on a couple of products and we will keep you all up to date as things continue to progress.

Dec 09

Saturday at the Coop!

This past Saturday Matt spent a few hours (2pm-5pm) at Honest Weight Food Coop in Albany New York, promoting our products. He had a great time and handed out a ton of samples at their demo station near the specialty food items. The store was busy most of the time he was there. People were trying to get their Christmas menu in order, but thankfully this did not stop most people from taking a few moments to learn about our soap. They were intrigued to find that such a product was made right around the corner from them. It was a great time and we were very glad that Honest Weight allowed us to be there.

If you live in the area and you are looking for a friendly place to do your grocery shopping, take the time to visit the Honest Weight Food Coop, 484 Central Ave #2, Albany, NY 12206. Make sure you look for us in the wellness department.