Jan 08

Where is the Shampoo?

I’ve gotten this question a lot over the years. People ask me “You have such amazing soap. Where is the Alabu Shampoo?” Well, I’d like to explain why we don’t make Shampoo:

Liquid Shampoo in general has a very short shelf life. Most manufacturers remedy this by adding preservatives. A preservative is just a chemical that kills bacteria and doesn’t allow it to grow. The problem with these Continue reading →

Jan 08


Boy was that a busy Christmas season. Of course we decided to renovate the manufacturing facility during our busiest time of year. When it rains it pours.

Since we’ve revved up our batch size, we have seen a real need to reconfigure our production space. We’ve made a dedicated place for extracting the soap from the soap molds, and we now have three large sinks in place solely for washing molds (having dedicated sinks makes it easier to avoid contamination). We’ve also added a much bigger Continue reading →