Jul 10

5 Ways The “Safe Cosmetics Act” Will Harm Consumers

First, let me explain what the “Safe Cosmetics Act” is. It’s a bill that has been introduced into the house by representatives Schakowsky (D-IL), Markey (D-MA) and Baldwin (D-WI). This bill’s stated purpose is to make the cosmetic industry safer through further regulation. While it sounds great on the surface, the group that is really behind this bill is the Compact For Safe Cosmetics, which is funded by the Environmental Working Group. Both have reputations for scaremongering and using arguments which are scientifically unsound. This bill has absolutely nothing to do with cosmetic product safety, but it will have drastic consequences to all cosmetic manufacturers, small and large. This will ultimately impact you the consumer.

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Jul 10

Reminder: It’s time to donate blood again!

It’s been eight weeks since the last time we asked you to donate. That means you are eligible to donate again. Right now O Negative blood is in high demand. Please consider finding some time to donate this week, especially if you are O Negative. Donating is pretty quick (about 30 minutes if you make an appointment), very low-risk, and doesn’t really hurt that much. If you’re squeamish around blood don’t worry, you can get Continue reading →