Apr 13

View From My Window – May 2013

Alabu Skin Care - three goatsSad goat news this month, you may notice there is one less goat in the photos. Our older wether, Suds, took sick. We noticed he wasn’t hungry and it was very hard for him to keep up with the herd. We nursed him the best we could but he stopped eating and drinking and stayed in the barn. Eventually we made the hard decision to euthanize him. It is always so hard to know when it is time to give up trying to nurse them back to health because you are only prolonging their suffering; you know they aren’t going to get better.  I’m sure we made the right decision, even though I’m not happy about it. So it goes with life on the farm.

Apr 13

We are what we smell?

Aromatherapy - Rabbit and Skunk


Here is a recent article in Scientific American. As I read this I thought of its implications to Aromatherapy. It gives anecdotal support to the effectiveness of Aromatherapy. The aroma from Essential oils has long been used in healing and to help change your state of mind. Here is some research that finds that scents can instill emotions.

Apr 13

View From My Window – April 2013

Blue BirdThe view from my window looks like we are still in mid-winter, except for seeing some of my favorite birds, like bluebirds. Most of them migrate south for the winter, but they have been coming to cheer me up lately. I have also seen a few red winged black birds, my mother- in- law always said they were a sure sign of spring. And then there are the critters in the barn. When Spring comes they all start shedding their winter coats which makes them all itchy and scratchy. The goats favorite response is too rub up against the stall walls. But Caddy likes the fence. He leans up against it and pushes against it back and forth up and down the length  of the fence. When I go out to take care of them I see his hair on the ground all along the fence. That’s how I know Spring is here even though the weather isn’t too convincing.