View From My Window – March 2013

goats in hutch-1I’m watching the goats, I know, what else is new right? They are all huddled in the calf hutch. That’s a white plastic thing, like a dog igloo that is made as a shelter for baby cows. So I’m wondering why they are all taking shelter this time of the day, it’s not snowing or raining. Then I see them stretching their necks out and upward to watch a sinister silhouette flying above in the sky. It’s a bird- it’s a plane it’s… yeah it’s a bird!  Actually  it’s just a hawk, not sure what kind, too small to be a red tailed hawk. But even if it was the larger red tail, it is still no threat to these full grown fat and happy goats! Silly goats ~ I’d love to know what they are thinking!

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