Jan 14

View From My Window – February 2014

View-from-my-window-wThis time last year I was lamenting the demise of Fasci’s Tail. One long winter night, one or more of the goats decided it would break the boredom to chew Fasci’s tail. Overnight they chewed off about two feet of tail hair. So when I looked out my window and saw the goats messing with her tail I knew I had to take immediate action.

I think the main reason for the goats sudden interest in Fasci’s course black tail was the decrease in their hay. I was giving them extra rations because of our colder than usual temps. When the temps returned to the usual winter cold, they are thinking they need something more to munch on.

So I got out the “Bitter Yuck!”. It is a bitter tasting product used for dogs. It keeps them from chewing on items they shouldn’t. When I went out to the barn to spray Fasci’s tail, I had forgotten how much Allie liked the supplements she got when she was pregnant that came in a similar bottle. But Allie didn’t!  So I had to fight my way past a goat, determined to taste a sample of my bottle.

Eventually I was able to spray Fasci’s tail with “Bitter Yuck” and we’ll just have to wait and see if the goats let her keep her tail for fly season this summer!

Jan 14

The Scoop on DIY Body Scrubs

Body ScrubI posted this last winter but I thought I would post it again. This is the perfect time of year to use a scrub to help keep your rough winter dry skin patches in check.  So here is the low down on the the difference between a salt scrub and a sugar scrub and a DIY recipe too!  Enjoy!

So you may be wondering why use body scrubs? Should I use a sugar or a salt scrub?  Can I make it myself?  The good news; it’s easy to make it yourself for a fraction of the cost of buying one. Here is why you might like to try a body scrub: some folks, especially mature woman, find they have dry rough patches on various parts of your skin no matter how good your skin care routine. And this time of year, when it’s really cold and dry it really compounds the problem. This is when body scrubs can be particularly helpful. Body scrub ingredients helps to exfoliate the rough dead dry skin and moisturize at the same time. The scrubbing part is usually sugar or salt but sometimes grains like ground oats or almonds can be used too. The moisturizing part is often Sweet Almond oil or Olive oil, or any moisturizing oil.

Scrubbers; Sugar is finer then salt and dissolves more quickly which makes it the perfect all around exfoliate. If you prefer something courser use salt but it is too abrasive for your face or sensitive skin and stings if you have a break in your skin. For something less abrasive try ground oatmeal, it is very gentle and is also a humectant but it won’t dissolve in your shower, so you may need to make sure it all goes down the drain.

Moisturizer: You don’t have to stick with Almond or Olive oil. I like them because they are both very stable and have a long shelf life and are good for your skin.  If you use virgin coconut oil it smells really yummy!

TO MAKE a body scrub simply measure out 1 part oil and 2 parts sugar, mix well and store in a wide mouth jar. You can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil.

TO USE:  Step into your shower with the water off and apply it to dry skin (remember the sugar will dissolve in water). Being careful not to get water into your jar, take a small amount in your palms and rub onto your skin where needed. Rub for a minute or two and then turn the shower on to rinse off.  After you towel off you can still apply your favorite moisturizer as usual. I apply the large Shea Body Butter to the problem areas. I find doing this at least once a week keeps my skin feeling smooth and comfortable this time of year.

Jan 14

View From My Window – January 2014

View_from_my_window-1We had such a fun Christmas season here with family and friends. Christmas morning started with me making scalloped potatoes for dinner later with Dean’s siblings. Against my better judgement I filled the pan to the brim and put it in the oven. By the time everyone was here to open presents and have breakfast the house was filling with smoke. So even though the temps were in the single digits we opened windows and doors and bundled the little ones under blankets on the couch! Fortunately we put a cookie sheet under my  overflowing potatoes and the the smoke stopped and the house cleared and we shut the windows and warmed up the house. The day after Christmas we had our son and his wife and her family come and stay with us. Her family got to experience a real snowstorm and temperatures colder than they ever had before. We all enjoyed our visit and they even got to stay an extra day because of the storm. They are safely home now and I am glad they left just before we dipped down to -18 degrees. But this is winter in the great northeast. Stay warm!