View From My Window – February 2014

View-from-my-window-wThis time last year I was lamenting the demise of Fasci’s Tail. One long winter night, one or more of the goats decided it would break the boredom to chew Fasci’s tail. Overnight they chewed off about two feet of tail hair. So when I looked out my window and saw the goats messing with her tail I knew I had to take immediate action.

I think the main reason for the goats sudden interest in Fasci’s course black tail was the decrease in their hay. I was giving them extra rations because of our colder than usual temps. When the temps returned to the usual winter cold, they are thinking they need something more to munch on.

So I got out the “Bitter Yuck!”. It is a bitter tasting product used for dogs. It keeps them from chewing on items they shouldn’t. When I went out to the barn to spray Fasci’s tail, I had forgotten how much Allie liked the supplements she got when she was pregnant that came in a similar bottle. But Allie didn’t!  So I had to fight my way past a goat, determined to taste a sample of my bottle.

Eventually I was able to spray Fasci’s tail with “Bitter Yuck” and we’ll just have to wait and see if the goats let her keep her tail for fly season this summer!

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