This still blows my mind

About once or twice a week we at Alabu get a testimonial from one of our customers. They are always very nice and remind us why we have Alabu, but more and more the testimonials we receive are just amazing. Here’s are a few that we received this week:

Hello, happy holidays to you all!!! I just thought I’d email you folks to let you know about your Shea Butter Lotion. On the 1st of Dec., I happened to burn my thumb about a size of a small green pea. I ignored it at first since I had a company Christmas party to go to. anyway, when I was getting ready for bed maybe around 11 p.m. it was really bothering me. I didn’t know what to put on it, then, I saw your lotion & thought “why not?”, let me see what happens. guess what? In less than 1/2 an hour, the stinging and swelling went down, so I thought I’d apply a little bit more lotion… end of story… pain & swelling gone in an hour. The following day, it’s as if the burn never happened. you did it again Alabu. Your lotion works wonders. FYI – since I’ve used your lotions (shea & tea tree) for the last 2 or 3 years my hand eczema hasn’t flared up again. your happy customer 🙂

Amy – Orange, CA (12/07)

I ran out of Alabu, and so I thought that I would run to the mall and pick-up something fancy. My son and I went to a place that sold dead sea salt soap. I figured, the soap is clear, it must be good. We talked to the lady and I bought some. The one thing that my son said as we were walking out was, “Why would anyone want to use soap that can only be used on the body and not the face?” Well, we used it for a couple of weeks and my son’s itchy skin came back. We realized that we needed to go back to the Alabu soap. I got my shipment in no time and my son ran upstairs and literally threw the other soap in the trash.

Cynthia – Houston, TX (12/07)

This soap has changed my complexion. I normally have eczema, & rosacea. Red bumps & itchy blotches plagued me daily. Now my face is so much better. Please never stop making this great soap!!!!!

Nanci – West Seneca, NY (12/07)

Even though I’ve been looking at testimonials just like this for the past ten years, I’m still blown away by how much our products really help people. I’m looking forward to making quality Alabu products for years to come. If you have any suggestions for new products that you’d like to see. Drop me a note here, and I would be happy to look into it.


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