How is your Alabu Lotion?

A few months ago we changed the beeswax we use in our lotion and lip balm over from a refined beeswax to an unrefined beeswax. When beeswax is made, it starts out as a white wax. As time goes on it normally turns a yellow color from contact with the bees and pollen. Refined beeswax goes through a non-chemical whitening process that takes out the yellow color.

After doing some research we decided to switch to the unrefined (yellow) beeswax. There is some research that suggests the natural contaminants in the unrefined beeswax may be good for your skin, so we decided to give it a try. The unrefined beeswax does have a slightly different texture, but we thought it still felt great.

Some of our customers disagreed though. We got a few calls from customers who did not like the new texture of the lotion sticks. We decided it was best not to mess with a good thing. Our lotion stick helps so many people with their dry skin and various skin conditions, we don’t want to do anything to it that would potentially make it less convenient or less effective. We have since switched back to the refined beeswax in all of our products that contain beeswax.

If you find that your Alabu Lotion Stick is a little different than some of the Alabu Lotion Sticks you’ve had in the past, this is probably the reason. If you’d like a replacement we are happy to give you one. Just ship us the lotion you’d like replaced and we’ll ship you a new one free of charge.


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