A lot of you know (or know of) my sister Nell. She and her husband Matt have been living in Maine for the past two years. If you’ve emailed us in the past couple of years, you may have gotten a response from Nell, as she has been helping us out with some of our customer service. Well she and Matt have also been expecting a baby girl for—well it must be about 9 months now. There were some complications with the pregnancy (see for their story), so they decided to move back to NY. Nell has a lot of friends back here, and of course her family is here, too. They are living with my parents temporarily until they find a place to live down here.

It’s been a lot of fun having them around now. Matt is working on his masters in business right now, so he has had a lot of good input here at Alabu. Nell is back to her old position of chief soap wrapper. What a blessing that is. I’m also teaching her how to make lip balm and lotion sticks. Though she won’t be doing that for long. Her baby is due any day now!

With Nell and Matt moving down, things have been pretty busy. So I thought I would throw a little bit more excitement in my life by moving two weeks after they did. I moved into my new apartment on May 9th. Previously I was living with my parents, which was getting to be a little bit too much to handle, considering that not only did I live there, but Alabu also operates out of the same building (my parents live on the top two floors, and the basement is dedicated to Alabu). This meant I was spending—oh I don’t know like 167 hours a week in the same building. So it’s been a nice change having my own place (I do have two roommates). Surprisingly I actually get to work earlier than I used to. Go figure!


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