Solid Lotion…Who Would’ve Thought!

This month we have tried something a little different. Instead of having a soap for the soap of the month, we are selling our regular Shea Lotion Stick for the soap of the month price. A solid lotion stick is very different than what most people are used to.

One of the differences is that it is solid (duh!). When people think of lotion, they usually think of a liquid in a bottle. We came up with a solid design for a few reasons. One is that the ingredients in a solid lotion stick are much simpler. It was important to keep with the idea that you can pronounce all of the ingredients in our products. There are a lot of all natural ingredients out there that allow you to make liquid lotions, but even though it’s natural, a lot of people would prefer if “cetyl-poly-something-or-other” was not on the ingredient list.

Another difference is that our lotion sticks are very concentrated. Because we have simplified the ingredients in these lotion sticks, you only need a little. One of the biggest mistakes people make is applying the same amount you do with a typical lotion. Remember that a typical lotion is about 90% water. I suggest applying a single line across the back of each hand an then rubbing that in. That small amount will be enough to cover each hand entirely.

A third difference between our Shea Lotion Stick and a typical lotion is that ours is multi-purpose. You do not have to limit the use of this lotion to your hands or body. It can also be used on your face and lips. A lot of us around the shop use our lotion sticks as a lip balm as well. It makes it much more convenient to carry around.

If simplicity is your life’s motto, then this lotion stick is the perfect addition to your handbag. Try it out today at the soap of the month price.

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