How to wet shave with an electric shaver (huh?)

For years I’ve used a wet-shave method with a typical three-blade razor. I have super-sensitive skin on my face (no really, it gets irritated when I THINK about shaving) , and the three-blade design seemed to provide the least irritation for my skin. Thankfully Alabu shaving soap has made shaving tolerable. Any time I’ve tried shaving creams or foams I am wind up reaching for the alabu facial moisturizer to try to fix all of the redness and irritation. Even with our shaving soap I’ll often get small amounts of irritation.

This lead me to give some electric shavers a try. Even these irritated my face, I think because there is nothing to reduce the friction of the shaver. So I switched back to the straight razor, thinking that I would just have to deal with the irritation (I’d consider not shaving, but given that I keep my hair at about a quarter inch, I’d rather not look like I just got out of jail).

About a month ago I saw something on amazon that caught my eye. It was an electric shaver made by Panasonic that said it was safe to use in the shower. I thought to myself “well, that sounds dangerous, I like it”.

After trying it for a month or so, I’m happy to report that I have yet to experience irritation on my face from shaving. Sure, it doesn’t shave as closely its fixed-blade siblings, but who cares! Previously I would try to put off shaving as long as I could, sometimes waiting three or four days between shaves (ok, sometimes two weeks) to avoid the irritation. Now I can safely shave every day, in the shower!

Alabu Shaving SoapWhat works best for me is to take a washcloth and press it against my face for about a minute or so with warm water. This seems to help make the hair easier to cut and provide less irritation. Then I just lather some alabu shaving soap on my face, and the motion of the shaving blades actually produces LOTS of lather, so this is also a great way to make the shaving soap last longer.

If you have super-sensitive skin wherever you shave, and you find that fixed-blade razors are irritating, you may want to try an electric shaver that’s suitable for wet use.

I shouldn’t have to mention this next part, but I will because—well this is the internet and I guess I’ve seen one too many youtube videos of some  kid making a water slide off of his parent’s roof: please DO NOT TRY to use an electric shaver (or anything that’s electric) in or near water unless the manufacturer specifically says its designed for that use and is safe.



  1. I have got the sameone one i think you are talking about i use shaving gel with mine. Do you find you get hair left behind with it.

    • Hi Aaron,

      I’ve been using it with our shaving soap and haven’t had much of an issue with that. Once in a while there will be a whisker I can’t cut, but I just flip out the trimmer on the back and that usually gets it.

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