What We’ve Been Up To

We started talking about our new look at the beginning of this month. The change to our new look is going to be a process that may take several months, but it will be well worth it. A part of this new look is new packaging. We have also changed the name of our lotion sticks and Baby Face Moisturizer. You may have seen something about this if you follow us on twitter or facebook.

First, we recently decided to change the name of our Lotion Sticks and our Baby Face Moisturizer. This decision was the result of a lot of feed back from many of our customers. As we refill our inventory, you will start to see both new labels and new names. Our lotion stick will now be called Shea Body Butter, and will come in “Original” and “Tea Tree” varieties. The Baby Face will now be called “Replenish” Facial Moisturizer.

Secondly, we are going to start boxing our products. At first, we are going to start with five soaps, Baby Me, Oat & Honey, Tea Tree, Almond, and Lavender. We will also box the Shea Body Butter and the small and large Replenish Facial Moisturizer.

This was a difficult decision for us because many people really like our current packaging. A lot of time was spent researching packaging companies. We really wanted to find a company that could provide us with the kind of packaging that fit our company, and we’re really happy with what we found.

Our new packaging is really great. They are biodegradable, made with 100% recycled paperboard. We truly believe that all of you will be happy with the new boxes. We are anxiously waiting to receive them so we can start shipping them out with orders. Right now we don’t have a date for when they’ll start going out in our retail orders, but you could start seeing them in stores as early as the beginning of April.

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