Trouble in the City

If you live in the NYC area (especially SoHo), you may already know that one of our valued retailers—Thompson Chemists—experienced a fire last week. Here at Alabu we are very sorry to hear about this. We met the folks at Thompson Chemists at the Extracts Show in 2007 and we have been doing business with them ever since. They are great people to work with and we really enjoy hearing from them. Their Thompson Street location is currently closed for pretty obvious reasons. However they are functioning out of their store on 449 West Broadway (albeit much sooner than they planned). They are working hard to replace their front end products, (we have already shipped their Alabu order) but the pharmacy section is functioning. If you’d like, drop by their Facebook page or Twitter feed and send them an encouraging note, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it and of course if you are in the area stop in and say hello.


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