View From My Window — January 2013

Clara with Alabu Soap
Clara just turned two, she is Faith’s little sister, well she is actually her younger sister, she is bigger than Faith now and growing like a very healthy weed. One day after a lunch-time visit, Clara needed a bath; yes, she really enjoyed her lunch. I asked if she wanted a bath and she was excited and said yes. So I filled my kitchen sink with warm water, but when I went to  put her in the sink she was a little panicked and looked at me like maybe I had lost my mind. I explained to her that when her mommy was little she took a bath in the sink all the time. It’s a nice bath, it’s just a little bath.

Something clicked with her and she agreed to a bath in the sink. She had lots of fun and kept saying, “I’m taking a little bath”. Then she decided that she wanted her sister to take a little bath too. My daughter thought I was kidding when I said ok. I have a double sink and yes I filled that one up with warm water and Faith had a little bath too. There was lots of splashing and laughter and of course they each insisted on having their own bar of Alabu Goat Milk Soap!  Now every time I say “little” Clara wants a little bath!  Yes, I am one happy grammy.

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