Finally a Garden

GardenThis evening I did get the rest of my garden planted and mulched. I like to wait to plant until the soil is warm. I have heard the plants aren’t really going to grow much until the soil is warm anyway. Another reason to wait is the chance of frost is gone. Typically I plant around June 1st, but I didn’t quite make it this year. I’m not too worried; I think they will catch up.  I know some of you live in very warm places and grow year-round, not up here!

I also like to plant in the evening, especially if it is very hot or very sunny. That gives the plants a chance to settle in to their new home before they have to deal with the stresses of the heat and sun. The down side is the mosquitoes are always worse at night. And here in the northeast the mosquitos have had a very successful breeding season with all the rain we have had.  The mosquitoes are plentiful, big and hungry and they like me.  However, they like Dean better.  They always have.  It is interesting that mosquitoes like some people better than others.

Oh what I will do for my plants!  (Us organic gardeners have great plans don’t we?)

The other thing I like to do is water and mulch as soon as I plant. The plants need the water to get their roots anchored into the soil and help them hydrate to deal with the stress of moving. Mulching not only helps to reduce weeds, it also conserves moisture that would otherwise evaporate from the soil. I like to use grass for mulch, we don’t use chemicals on our grass so it makes perfect mulch. Dean likes to mow; I often tell him he should have been a sod farmer(really, it’s his rest and relaxation). A thick grass mulch will last the whole season and I like that it adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes. So now it’s done, and I am feeling very fulfilled even if I am tired, buggy and dirty.

Oh you know that I know how to take care of dirt!  And it feels so good to get clean with our goat milk soap.

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