On Being a Grandmother

Thompsons 1961Being a grandmother is one of the most rewarding and fun seasons in my life. I always felt cheated as a child, that all I had was a somewhat grumpy grandma. My grandma was widowed at a young age with two little boys during the depression. I felt sorry for her, but she was not fun like some of my friends doting grandmothers. (In the picture on the left my grandma is the one on the right. Ironically the woman on the left looking less than happy is my mother’s friend, Aunt Ella, who lived with us at that time. I remember her as being a very kind lady and have happy memories of her. By the way, the picture is also of my dad and sisters. I’m the little girl in pink! )

So far, my husband and I have been blessed with four grand children. Number one is a four-year-old girl. Number two is a two and a half year old girl. Number three and four are twins, a boy and a girl, and just 4 months old. Number one had to have heart surgery at three months. We were expecting a week of recovery and then home, but it turned into over a month in the intensive care, a second surgery and two bouts with pneumonia. During that time being a grandmother involved lots of praying and supporting our poor little number one’s parents so they could stay at the hospital with her. She did recover and has grown into her beautiful indomitable little self. She was born with Down syndrome, but that doesn’t keep her down and she charms everyone she meets.

Number two is a whole different story. She burst into the world just before Christmas, a sublime gift with a bald head and deep blue eyes. She was content and such an easy baby and as time went on, she took quite an interest in all the therapists that visited their home to help her big sister. When she was about 18 months she decided she was all grown up and headed into the terrible twos. Now with her big blues eye and long golden curls she melts the hardest heart.

heartphotoI love the time I get to spend with the. But I find that even as grandma I have to say no at times. Like when they cry because they wants to stay and play, or have another ice pop when it is time to go home. Being a grandmother also gives me opportunity to share things I love and teaching them that fun and work go hand in hand. I grew up with horses but, we didn’t have horses when my children were little. But I am glad that I get to share my love of horses with my grandchildren when they are so young. They love the horses enough that they help to brush them and even do a few things they don’t want to because it is part of being able to ride. Like putting saddles away.  Being a grandmother is more than just fun, it is teaching responsibility too. I am so blessed that I get to be a grandmother.


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