Poison Ivy Isn’t Funny, But…

mc8-29I know that poison ivy isn’t funny, but I did have a tiny little chuckle when my son showed up with his buddy covered in a poison ivy rash. To me it was a little funny because, he doesn’t get poison ivy; at least not for the first 25 years of his life! My dad was the same way; he could pull it out and never get a bump until he was about 60.  I had been telling my son for years to stop pulling it out barehanded. Just because you are not sensitive to it today doesn’t mean you won’t start tomorrow.

Well he had been doing a favor for his Aunt and Uncle up in their woods over the weekend and now he and his friend had it all over their legs and arms. The other amusing part was that he wanted to use essential oils to treat it. When he was younger he thought all this natural stuff was just superstition or placebo effect. Now our son who is very analytical and needs the research to back up any claims that are made was asking for me for advice on which essential oils he should use on his poison ivy rash!

He had worked for us for quite a few years and he now had all the facts he needed to be a believer in the power of essential oils.

He thought maybe Tea tree oil and I agreed because it has antiseptic and drying properties. He asked me what else he could add, maybe lavender for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and for it’s ability to ease pain and calm nerves.  I was pleasantly surprised that using alternative medicine was his first choice and he came to me for advice (I must have done something right).

So we dug up a spray bottle and he mixed up his potion and took some soaps and left. Oh and a few days later he called to tell me it worked! Nice thing about our Alabu product line is you can have some comforting soaps and lotions for itchy days in your home…even if it isn’t poison ivy!

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