The Mall and Me

The Mall and me

The Mall and me

I had to go to the Mall, which I always try hard to avoid. But we were going to a wedding and I needed something dressier to wear. Our small town has two stores where you could buy clothes; Dollar General and Family Dollar. Yeah, so I was off to the Mall the night before the wedding; did I say I hate to go to the Mall?

So when I got there it was pouring rain and it occurred to me that I should do some other errands first; right I’m procrastinating. I made two stops in the pouring rain. I’m not running to and from my car like everyone else because I’m afraid I’ll slip in my sandals. I knew I should have worn sneakers! So I just got wet and tried to enjoy it.

A few years back the owners of this Mall decided it would be a good idea to remake the mall and instead of all the shops being inside, there are now little shops in the front of the mall so you can enjoy the weather going store to store outside while you are shopping. Yeah, I never thought it was a great idea for shopping in the northeast weather, but they look cute.

I went through all the clothes at two stores and I wondered who designs all these ugly clothes. At the third store I finally found some clothes I liked but they all seemed too small or too big. I finally settled on something and went to find a sales desk that was open.  I inquired at the first one I saw, if I could check out there. She said she wasn’t sure because she was new. I could see I had made her uncomfortable and tried to reassure her that was ok, no problem and moved on.

I found another sales desk and there was a line of sorts. It was a man in his mid 50’s and an elderly women sitting on her walker. I assume it was a son and his mom. He was buying her several outfits. She was sweetly telling him he was spending too much money on her. He was reminding her that the holidays were coming and she should have some nice things to wear.  Her son was so loving and kind. And she was almost apologetic. Her question reminded me of my dad; after my mom died he would ask us why we were so good to him.  I couldn’t help but smile at this pair.  I bought my clothes and left the store.

Then I saw a little way off in front of me a teenage boy and his dad coming out of a store. The father put his arm around his son’s shoulder. The son didn’t pull away like you might think a teenage boy would, he moved a little closer to his dad, that made me smile too. So my trip to the mall started out frustrating when I was trying to find something for myself, but turned into two beautiful glimpses of families loving each other. All in all it was a good trip.

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