Why Goat Milk

Why Goat Milk

Have you ever wondered why all of our soaps are made with goat milk instead of water? I have always been a fan of goat milk. I knew it was good to drink and had a lot of qualities that made it more digestible. While allergies and sensitivities to goat milk are possible, they are extremely rare. I also knew it was recommended for treating ulcers and as a mother’s milk replacement for babies and orphan animals.

The first soap I ever made was from goat milk and I was amazed the first time I used. I knew I would never be going back to commercial soaps. I was curious though, if it was so good because it was handmade or did the goat milk really make it better.  Over the next few years I did a lot of research and tried other handmade soaps. What I found was that personally, I didn’t find any soaps as moisturizing as Alabu.  So what makes goat milk soap so special?  

Goat milk has special qualities—some that are still not fully understood. Fresh goat milk is loaded with vitamins (D, B6, C, E), milk sugars, proteins, & butterfat. Goat milk creates a thicker lather than soap made with water. It is a natural source of Alpha-hydroxy acids. Plus we formulate our soaps to be super-fatted to about 10%, which translate into more moisture for your skin. Our goat milk comes from a friend’s farm less than 10 miles from us. We visit the farm regularly and the goats are well cared for and very happy!   If you would like to see the process of making our soap you can check out our video here.

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