Musings from the farm- Chickens!

IMG_2844Chickens!   I was fortunate to have parents that were not country folk but managed to move to a small farm to raise their 5 and then 6 children.  We mostly had horses, but other animals came and went, cows, pigs, ducks, the orphaned baby whatever and chickens.

We inherited chickens from somewhere and even though they didn’t lay a lot of eggs. I really liked them. There was something very calming about going out to talk to the chickens. They would come to me and talk in low little voices. Almost like cooing.

We have had chickens before, almost everywhere Dean and I have lived but for some reason we have been without for quite some time. We had them when the kids were younger, our son Hal  and his friend loved to go see if there were eggs and come in and want them scrambled to eat.

When Hal  was about 8 he showed his chicken in 4- H, one that was almost bigger than he was.  When we moved we found homes for them all and have not gotten them again until now. Somehow, now everyone has  decided that we should have them again. So we ordered chicks from a hatchery, they send them to us through the mail. It may seem strange but is a good option to order direct from the hatchery.  I’m glad we got a little push from our kids to get them, and so are our kids, and of course the grand kids.

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