View From My Window – So…. mud is heavy


So, the other day I was helping Dean, and he asked me to go to the hardware store to buy a bucket of mud. No not the kind we trudge through at the barn, spackle, the kind you put on your wall when you are putting up sheetrock. So off i went to the hardware store and I found the 5 gallon buckets of spackle. They were stacked on top of each other 3 high. I was able to lift one enough and get it down to the floor, but it took every ounce of strength that I had.  So, I  realized I was no longer strong enough to carry said bucket to the cash register. I was shocked, how did this happen. I know I’m getting older, but this is too soon.

So, I have a friend who looks years younger and is much more active from the benefits of going to a crossfit gym. I saw they had a 2 week trial, so, fresh off my 5 gallon bucket defeat, I spontaneously signed myself up. I walked in the first day and took this picture and sent it to my daughter with the caption, “At gym, seriously scary place!”  The instructor was a young girl who was very patient and kind with me. I proceeded to explained to her I had never been to a gym in my life and I know nothing about this.

So, I was feeling pretty good about how well I was doing. Nothing compared to the regulars, but I didn’t think I was doing too bad. Until the instructor asked if I minded telling her how old I am. I said I will be 61 in a few weeks. So, then this young whipper snapper looked at me and said “I just want to congratulate you! Not many elderly people will start on an exercise program” Wow I was taken back!  I blurted out I don’t think of myself as elderly. She was all kinds of apologetic and said that came out wrong I didn’t mean to use that word. Then I felt bad too because I could see I had made her feel uncomfortable. Since then we have laughed about it and have become friends. My family has had a good laugh about it too. My daughter says elderly is not a number it’s a state of mind. So the consensus is that I’m not there yet. So, I don’t know how long I will keep this up, maybe until I can haul a bucket of mud again.

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