Try To Remember

  IMG_0329Try to Remember”, pretty sure that was a song in the 60’s but sometimes it’s hard to remember what I had for breakfast or even if I did have breakfast. Lately we have had the grandkids here a lot. Three of the older four are usually here two afternoons a week and guess what? They love working at Alabu and are actually helpful. So that’s an added bonus especially now in Alabu’s busiest season.

We have also had a few overnights with our son’s oldest ( 3 and 18 months, so not so old) while mom and dad were busy with their newest baby. As you can guess, that kept Papa and Grammy pretty busy too. I even heard a rumor that Papa got to change a dirty diaper, but I did not witness said adventure, although I do have a little too much first hand experience with it myself.

You are probably wondering where the “Try to Remember part of this story is right? Well our daughter asked if we could watch her four ( the older grands, 9, almost 8 and 5 & 5) for a few hours in the afternoon ( I suspect it was for Christmas shopping, the kids said they weren’t allowed to ask). Turns out we had unexpectedly, had the younger ones for an overnight again and all that morning. When our daughter’s kids arrived in the afternoon, they happily helped me finishing boxing the Alabu Replenish. After that three decided to go outside and play. It was about 38 degrees out and they came back in exhilarated and ready to play. Their new level of energy was a little more than I was happy with and I yelled at them a few times to quiet down. But it was no use, with the excitement of Christmas around the corner they just could not contain themselves. I tried a few times to teach them a quiet game but it was no use and fairly hysterical. So while Papa took over and had the kids sit in the living room for story time ( he eventually gave up and turned on Mr. Rogers) I started dinner and tried to remember what it was like to be so young and unable to contain my excitement about Christmas coming. I think I do remember and I hope you do too.

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