It’s Ice and it’s Cold; Brrrrr

A IceYes, I know it’s technically still Winter but I’m wishing the ice would go away already. I’m really hoping that more Spring-like weather will be just around the corner. I’m not usually one to complain about the Winter. I enjoy winter activities The snow and low temps don’t bother me.  But this Winter, with all the freezing rain, snow and freeze and thaw, thick ice has built up all around our place. It is especially treacherous on my path out to the barn which I carefully tread at least twice a day. The worst patch of ice right in front of the heavy sliding barn door, which makes pushing open the barn door a challenge. Then there is taking the dog out several times a day. Cora doesn’t seem to mind sliding around on the ice, Dean and I not so much.

Cora is sorely missing her daily walks out in the woods with me. To say she is a little stir crazy is an understatement. Caddy and Midnight don’t have it any easier, Caddy only ventures out a few feet and Midnight hardly at all. Earlier in the winter we were able to clear the light fluffy snow from the top of the paddock and a wide path down to the bottom of the hill that way they have a chance to walk a little outside the barn. The thick ice on the snow made that impossible to make anything more than a small area just outside the barn.The grandkids did get a little sledding and x-country skiing in but since the ice and really cold temps set in, they don’t even venture out. Still I love living in the Northeast and get to experience the dramatic change of seasons. I don’t think I will ever move south. I’m sure the ice it will be gone soon enough and then it will be mud season, I’m looking forward to it this year!

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