Ice Pops Cures All

Having 9 grandchildren here we see our share of bumps and bruises. So far we haven’t had any visits to Urgent Care, I probably shouldn’t put that in writing? We usually take it all in stride. Someone comes running telling us so and so is hurt. First we inspect the damage, then if more than a kiss is necessary we use an ice pack and maybe a little Tea Tree Body Butter, which the grand kids call grammy’s lotion.

But, it is always a little alarming to see a little one bleeding from their mouth. My go to for that is ice pops. I keep some in my freezer year round. The kids always want them when they are up here playing, but I try to reserve them for warm weather treats. But when someone puts a tooth through their lip it is ice pops to the rescue. It never fails to stop the bleeding so we can see where the blood is coming from and it never fails to make them feel better.

All other bumps, scraps and bruises get ice pack and maybe some of my lotion. If that doesn’t work maybe an ice pop too.

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