Unexpected Blessings

Dean had 2 surgeries over the summer to replace his shoulders that have been bothering him for decades, yes he should have done it years ago ( I think that’s a guy thing ). Anyway he is recovering nicely but not yet fully recovered. He didn’t think he should be cutting firewood so he ordered firewood for the winter, but was not looking forward to the work of stacking it. The wood comes in a dump truck and is dumped in a big pile by the back door.

Our daughter, Nell had planned to come help me wrap soap but we weren’t sure how we would occupy the kids while we were working in the soap shop. The wood was delivered the same day Nell planned to help me. The kids all happily volunteered to help Papa stack firewood, while mom and I worked. Miss Number Eight helped with the soap wrapping until she thought hers sibs were having all this fun with Papa without her. So then she took turns between helping us to wrap soap and helping with the firewood.

Dean was amazed and thrilled that the job was finished so quickly. All the kids helped with great attitudes, did a good job and even had fun.

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