Last Goat

Midnight is our last goat ( we have been buying milk from a friend for many years now). He is 13 years old, which is pretty old for a goat. We lost his mother 4 years ago at age 12. Midnight has always been on the timid side. We didn’t have much time to handle him when he was a baby. He was born right before our grand daughter, Miss Number One was born. As many of you know, Miss Number One was born with Down syndrome and a heart defect that needed surgery. So our days were filled with helping her parents care for her, before and after her 40 day stay in the hospital.

Midnight learned from his mom, Allie, to walk under a hand gate to wander out and eat where they pleased. They always stayed out in the field and thankfully never strayed into our gardens. Midnight was always like her shadow, never far from his mom. Since she passed away he has bonded with our pony Caddy and hates to be away from him. The last two Autumns we thought he would not make it through the winter. Last Fall Midnight was so thin, Dean dug a hole just in case. I had even made an appointment to euthanize him but cancelled a week later. Midnight just seemed to have too much of a will to live, even though i could see his arthritis was progressing. I bought him some goat grain trying to get him to gain some weight. He reluctantly ate it for a week. Since I knew he loved sweet potatoes, I would bake him some, mix in a joint supplement and pulverized grain and made treat balls for him. I am happy to report Midnight seems to be walking better and hopefully in less pain. So far he loves his treats, but doesn’t seem to be gaining any weight. I am hoping he will continuing to enjoy his treats. I have grown rather fond of him and he is putting up with. us!

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