Feb 09

Living in the Stone Ages

We’ve got about five computers here in the Alabu Headquarters (that’s our walk-out basement for those of you who don’t know). It seems like every week at least one of them is acting up, well, except for my MacBook Pro. That never seems to act up. Oh, Maryclaire just got an iMac for Christmas, and that never seems to have problems either. So I guess it’s just the PCs that need so much Continue reading →

Feb 09

How is your Alabu Lotion?

A few months ago we changed the beeswax we use in our lotion and lip balm over from a refined beeswax to an unrefined beeswax. When beeswax is made, it starts out as a white wax. As time goes on it normally turns a yellow color from contact with the bees and pollen. Refined beeswax goes through a non-chemical Continue reading →

Feb 09

More Newsletter News

I recently wrote about the new layout of our newsletter, and why that happened. Well, one other thing we did this month was change the software that we use to send out our newsletter. The old software was really Continue reading →

Feb 09

Newsletter Upgrade

About a week ago, my dad brought home Microsoft Office 2007, and we noticed that the newsletter looked terrible in the new version of Microsoft Outlook (this is Microsoft’s email reading program). I did a little bit of research and found out that Microsoft had basically discontinued support for Continue reading →

Feb 09


Well I’ve just upgraded to the newest version of WordPress. WordPress is the name of the software that this blog uses to function. You probably won’t notice a whole lot of changes. If you are very astute you might notice that Continue reading →