Well I’ve just upgraded to the newest version of WordPress. WordPress is the name of the software that this blog uses to function. You probably won’t notice a whole lot of changes. If you are very astute you might notice that the contact me page has changed ever so slightly, and that the “live search” function is no longer working.

Live search is what allowed your search results to be displayed before you press the “search” button. So, until I figure out how to make live search work with the new version, you will all have to actually press the search button when searching (I sure am making you work a lot, aren’t I?).

One of the main reasons I decided to upgrade was because the version I was using was too old for the iPhone WordPress application—an application that allows me to write and edit posts from my iPhone (more on that in another post).

I often find myself thinking “I should write a blog entry about this”, and by the time I get back to my computer I’ve forgotten what it was I wanted to write about. Now I can just write a quick draft no matter what I am doing to help jog my memory when I sit down at my computer. Or, if I have a long wait in a doctor’s office or similar setting I can write a full entry and post it right from my phone. Very cool.


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