Aug 09

This Week At Alabu

Things are a little busy around the shop the last few days. If you are following us on Facebook and Twitter, you probably already know, but Faith is having open-heart surgery on Thursday. It is a huge surgery that is going to take quite a while. Continue reading →

Aug 09

A Look Back

Well, the fair is over. It was a long 12 days, but Dean, Hal, and I made the best of it. This was definitely a different environment than we are used to. Typically there is a higher number of people that have actually heard of goat milk soap. Continue reading →

Aug 09

An Extra Digit???

Well, we only have four more days. It has been picking up significantly this week. One of the coolest things that we have seen is the increasing number of people coming back because they love our soap so much. Continue reading →

Aug 09

Day Five

This morning I awoke with a sore throat. I feel fine otherwise, I think it is sore from talking for 12 hours a day for the last four days. We picked up some Fisherman’s Friend cough drops. Those things are Continue reading →

Aug 09

Day Three

We are well into day three of the Erie County Fair. It was very interesting to discuss our soap with the people that have been walking by our booth. Most people see GOAT MILK, and try to B-Line for the door. Continue reading →