Day Five

This morning I awoke with a sore throat. I feel fine otherwise, I think it is sore from talking for 12 hours a day for the last four days. We picked up some Fisherman’s Friend cough drops. Those things are intense! We also picked up some chloraseptic spray and some honey, so I should be all set for another day of talking with people about Goat Milk Soap!

We also picked up some Red Bull. Yesterday Matt & I noticed that we were getting kind of lazy towards the end of the day. Typically when we hand someone a sample of our soap we try to engage them and start a conversation. It’s always good to learn about what people are using on their skin and it provides an opportunity to educate them about all the chemicals and preservatives they are using without even knowing about it. Anyway, towards the end of the day we were so tired we were just passing samples out without engaging people. It really wears on you standing on your feet all day in this heat. Our building is Air Conditioned but towards the end of the day there are so many people in it that the A/C can’t keep up. Anyway, hopefully the Red Bull will give us a little extra  boost wings today.

There’s seven days of the fair left. If you’re going to be in town be sure to stop by our booth and say hello.


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