This Week At Alabu

Things are a little busy around the shop the last few days. If you are following us on Facebook and Twitter, you probably already know, but Faith is having open-heart surgery on Thursday. It is a huge surgery that is going to take quite a while. They are planning on fixing everything all at once. This means that they are going to patch both holes, fix one of her valves and then fix a coarctation in her aortic arch. Nell and I don’t know how long the surgery will take, but we should know more on Wednesday. At this point, it hasn’t really hit Nell or I, but I am sure as we visit Albany Med for pre-op on Wednesday it will sink in. Hal, and I have been working really hard trying to get ahead with a lot of Alabu work so we don’t have to worry as much while Faith is in the hospital. It is coming a long, but there is a lot of preparation for the Scallop Festival. We will keep everyone posted on both Faith’s surgery and the preparation for the festival.

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