Apr 10

HSMG 2010 – Day 1

This weekend, I’m at the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild 2010 conference in Denver, CO. It’s pretty awesome seeing so many soap makers, suppliers, and industry experts all in one place! Today Continue reading →

Apr 10

Scratching Below the Surface: Regarding Skin Deep

Kayla Fioravanti owns and runs Essential U and Essential Wholesale, one of our valued suppliers. She recently posted an article written by Dene Godfrey, President of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. These organizations are self-proclaimed consumer advocate groups, but as the article explains, there’s more to the story. Whether or not you’ve heard of the Environmental Working Group or the affiliated Skin Deep organization, this article is a must-read. It does a great job of explaining the truth behind these organizations and what it means to you as a consumer (or a manufacturer).

You can read the article right here.

Apr 10

What are these weird ingredients?

If you’ve stayed informed over the past few months, you’ve noticed that we’re making a few changes around Alabu. We have a new logo, and are currently rolling out new packaging. If you’ve received anything in the new packaging, you’ll notice that the ingredients listing looks a little different than it used to. First, I’d like to say that our product ingredients have NOT changed in ANY WAY whatsoever. What has changed is Continue reading →

Apr 10

Trouble in the City

If you live in the NYC area (especially SoHo), you may already know that one of our valued retailers—Thompson Chemists—experienced a fire last week. Here at Alabu we are very Continue reading →

Apr 10

Spring Skincare Tips

For some of us here in the northeast it seems like we skipped right over spring and jumped straight to summer. This weekend was in the upper 70s with lots of sun. The winter coats got left behind and we saw lots of shorts and flip flops. I’m not sure if this weather will hold out, but no matter where you Continue reading →