May 13

View From My Window – June 2013

Although I feel blessed to live where we do and watching the seasons and wild life right from my office window, it doesn’t compare with seeing our twin grand babies and our son’s wedding. It was a little overwhelming to have it all happen in ten days, but we are very blessed just the same.

twinsOur grand daughters are, age 4 and 2 are very proud of their baby brother and sister and very loving with them. Faith tells me they are cute.


Hal & Jordi 1a


We had the pleasure of getting to know our son’s wife Jordi before their wedding. She is sweet and country and a perfect match for Hal. We wish them a life together growing in wisdom and love.

May 13

What are Essential oils anyway?

Aromatherapy stil lifeSince I have been going on about Essential oils, I thought it was past time that I should explain what they are. Essential oils are extracted from plants. Even though they don’t seem oily, that are classified as one because it will not mix with water. Essential oil come from different parts of the plants; Citrus oils come from the rind, flower oils from the petals and other oils from leaves, resinous bark, berries and roots.

Plants use these oils for many different purposes; for protection they are used to deter herbivores, inhibit bacteria and fungi. They are also used for communication; to attract pollinators and alert to predators. Essential oils evaporate at room temperature, a term a called volatility. This is how it is transported into the nasal cavity and lungs and into the bloodstream. Essential oils have been used in medicine since ancient times. Today medical research now exists that supports the healing qualities of essential oils.

May 13

Essential Oils for Memory?

smelling rosemary-1I read another interesting post by internationally recognized aromatherapy authority Robert Tisserand.  I knew Rosemary Essential oil was reputed to increase memory but here is research to back it up.