What are Essential oils anyway?

Aromatherapy stil lifeSince I have been going on about Essential oils, I thought it was past time that I should explain what they are. Essential oils are extracted from plants. Even though they don’t seem oily, that are classified as one because it will not mix with water. Essential oil come from different parts of the plants; Citrus oils come from the rind, flower oils from the petals and other oils from leaves, resinous bark, berries and roots.

Plants use these oils for many different purposes; for protection they are used to deter herbivores, inhibit bacteria and fungi. They are also used for communication; to attract pollinators and alert to predators. Essential oils evaporate at room temperature, a term a called volatility. This is how it is transported into the nasal cavity and lungs and into the bloodstream. Essential oils have been used in medicine since ancient times. Today medical research now exists that supports the healing qualities of essential oils.

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