Make Your Dollar and Bar Go Further

This past year has been very difficult for a lot of people. Economic conditions have made it difficult to continue purchasing your favorite products, and lately we have received a lot of emails asking about sales or how to get your soap to go a little further. We have decided to post the some tips that may help everyone in the future:

  1. Promotions — We have various promotions that we send out in our newsletter throughout the year. Try purchasing as much as you can afford during these promotions because they don’t happen very often.
  2. You can make your soap last longer (here are some things that we do):
    1. Don’t put your soap in a place where it is going to be in a constant stream of water (near a shower head). Try to keep it as high up as possible.
    2. Switch your soap with a bar on the sink (or even on a shelf somewhere) every couple of days. This allows the bars to dry out more in between uses. This can especially help when you have many people using the same bar of soap. My brother-in-law shares an apartment with a few other people. If they all share a bar, they go through it much quicker (a bar lasted 3-4 days) because the bar isn’t able to dry completely between uses. This may be the case for you as well. Since they started using their own bars they last about a month.
    3. Stock up on soap and put the soap you aren’t using in the driest part of your house. As the bars dry longer, they will last longer. Our soap doesn’t go bad (Citrus scents will fade over time, that is about it). The older a bar of soap is, the better quality it is and the longer it will last.
    4. Keep your soap on a soap saver dish. This will help it dry more quickly in between use.
    5. Use a wash cloth, loofa sponge, or bath pouf. These use significantly less soap than if you were to use the bar on its own.
  3. Look for seconds – — We typically run our seconds sale in the summer.  When you do see them on sale, stock up. They wont go bad on you.
  4. Free Shipping on orders over $89 —– This is a great way to save. You can combine this with any of the other options. We also recommend finding a few friends and ordering together to get the free shipping.
  5. Read the Newsletters –— Every month we send out a newsletter, and some months we send out an additional email or two. These newsletters contain any sales that will be happening. This is where you find second sales, coupons, and other promotions. For example, through one of the mid-month newsletters we offered a buy 5 get 1 free sale in september.

This is what we recommend to make the most of every dollar and every bar.

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