Newsletter…How Do I Get That In My Inbox?

Yesterday we shared several ways to make every dollar and bar go a little further. One of the way that we suggest to saving money on your purchases was to read our newsletter. At the beginning of every month we send out a wonderful newsletter filled with photos from around our farm, stories about what is going on behind the scenes, and any promotions. We also send out 1-2 emails throughout the month if we decide that we are going to run additional promotions. Almost anything we do is communicated first through one of these newsletters.

The newsletter plays a huge role in being able to take advantage of the other suggestions that we mentioned yesterday. What I neglected to mention was how to sign up for our newsletter. First visit our website and scroll down about half way. On the right you will see a box for newsletter sign-up. Just put in your email address and first name and click subscribe. After that, you’re all set.

Make sure that you continue to keep your eyes open to future newsletters, we have a lot of awesome things planned for 2010.

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