New Look, Same Great Products

Over the last 10 years Alabu has gone through many changes. Some have been more obvious than others. Currently we are going through the process of making a few more. One major change that we are making is to the look of Alabu.

We originally started selling our soap under the name Alabu in 2000, we really didn’t have a logo back then. We used a script font to start branding Alabu. With an emphasis on goat milk products, we wanted to provide something for people to associate with the name. In 2006 we added the blue oval logo that you are used to seeing.

Over the years we have become much more than a goat milk soap company. We are going to continue producing our goat milk soap, but we don’t want to limit it to these products. We want to start offering other products such as liquid soaps and lotions. (Some of these products have already moved from the drawing board to the experimental stage.)

Starting February 1st, we will be taking steps towards promoting Alabu as an all-natural skin care company. It will begin with an updated look including a new logo and new packaging.

At this time, our products are not going to change in any way, they will just be in different packaging. It is going to us some time to make this change, so for a while you will still receive our products in the same packaging until we replace our inventory with the new packaging.

The first product that you will see with the new logo is our brand new Vanilla Infusion lip balm. Other places that you will start seeing the new logo is on our facebook, twitter, and youtube pages.

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  1. Love the new logo!

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