The New Photo Setup

Yesterday we introduced our New Look. We are all really excited about it. During this process, we are going to be changing our product pictures on our website as well as literature. Hal has been working really hard to make our pictures look as professional as possible.

In order to do this, Hal was going to have to make something that allowed him to generate a very bright environment with minimal lighting. Hal’s goal was to make this while minimizing cost. When you get into photography equipment, you can spend a lot of money.

After some extensive research, he came up with a solution that was not only very cost effective, but also improves the professionalism of the photos. The solution was a custom built light box with some added aluminum foil to reflect the light, making it brighter.

Hal also works at being very efficient. He set the box up next to his desk and rigged it so he can take the photo’s directly from his computer. This has also helped create higher quality photos. When you take a photo, the image is then saved with the settings that are on your camera. Hal’s set up captures the RAW image. All of the effects are then applied afterwards.

The whole setup that Hal created took minimal investment. If you are looking to increase the quality of your photos, take the time to do some research. Then invest in some low cost materials to build your setup. Now we are able to do more with the pictures that we take. If you look at our new Vanilla Infusion Lip Balm, you can see a significant difference compared to the other product photos.


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