Month of Changes

Wow! February was a wild month for Alabu—so many things are happening around here, my head is spinning. I guess I’ll start with the most disappointing event: our Chief Sales Officer, Tom, has moved on to pursue other adventures in life. He did a great job here at Alabu and we enjoyed having him as a part of our family. We wish him the best!

We’ve been searching for a production specialist for a while now and this month we finally found the right person—Michael. He’s a hard-working quick-learning person and after only a week of work he’s already showing himself to be valued member of our Alabu family, and we’re happy to have him here. With the new help I will have more time to spend on research and development, so we can get you new and awesome products from your favorite skin care company!

Finally, the most exciting change last month was our entry into an exclusive distribution partnership with Palko Services. Palko is a family owned business a lot like us, so we are a natural fit for each other. They distribute to thousands of independent stores all across the country, so over the next few months and years you’ll start to see Alabu in a lot of independent stores like your local independent grocer, health-food store, co-op, or pharmacy.

In the distribution world, most of the companies are not family owned, so we are really excited about our partnership with Palko. It’s never been easier for your local independently owned retailer to add Alabu to their store. Next time you’re in there, just ask them to look for Alabu in their Palko catalog, they can add it to their next order!


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