Animal watcher: Caddy, me and other

Caddy the BraveI am a confessed animal watcher. My husband laughs as I race to the window, again. Years of experience has taught him that nothing is wrong. His wife is just nosey! To the untrained eye there doesn’t seem to be anything going on outside to look at.

This particular day I tell him that Caddy (our grand daughter’s Personal Pony) has spotted something in the woods. All of our other animals in the pasture have already run back to the safety of the barn. I really respect this pony’s spunk. He was standing his ground; all 3 foot of him was protecting the herd “so to speak” (just look at that picture of him and run with me…it’s pretty comical!). He whinnied and turned and ran a few feet just inside the fence of his smaller pasture by the barn. Bravely Caddy turned around again to face the danger. I looked in vain and I didn’t see anything, but I have learned to trust his instincts and I know for sure that this pony saw a perceived threat.

Caddy is also an animal watcher like me. I don’t know why, but I always have been. I love to watch their antics, from ants to zebra; I like to watch them all. I seem to always notice if my animals are watching too. I know that if they are staring at something, or barking as in the case of our dog, there is visitor lurking about. In the woods and occasionally in the pastures, we frequently see many different kinds of songbirds, turkeys, ducks and occasionally deer. There are also rare sightings of fox or coyote, which always seems to get all the barn residents interest. So when all of our animals stand at attention looking in the same direction I know there is some kind of an interesting gathering in the pasture or the woods.

I have to get out my binoculars and have a look too! That is best. I think my husband would stress if I went out with Caddy to look further! But I love the wild nature and beauty of animals! Are you an animal watcher? What have you seen in your neck of the woods?

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