A Funny Thing Happened: Dog Sees Space Alien

Dog sees AlienI have to tell you about a funny thing that happened one morning.  I had decided that the first thing I was going to do was make tomato sauce for dinner. I always make gallons at a time to can or freeze for those all too frequent days when I haven’t made anything for dinner.

I was chopping a lot of onions that were very strong and making my eyes tear. Suddenly I had a brilliant idea; I went and got my full-face respirator that I use for soap making. This may seem like a funny thing to do, but I was chopping a lot of onions and my eyes were tearing so much I could hardly see.  Plus I am use to wearing it for soap making so it did not seem like a funny thing to me. It was working perfectly, chopping onions and no tears.

Then Chia (the dog ) scratched on the door to go out.  So I stopped chopping and went to the door a few feet away and opened the door for her. But she didn’t go out; she just sat there looking at me in a state of shock with eyes just about popping out of her head. I said “its ok Chia come on, you can go out” She just stared at me looking like I was a space alien (how I wished I had a camera)!

Finally after more coaxing she flew past me out the door. Once safely in the garage she put on the brakes, turned around and looked horrified. As if she couldn’t believe that she was able to escape from the monster that had gotten into her home. Then she turned again and ran out into the yard.  I went back to my chopping, but made sure to take off the respirator before I let the poor dog back in. Once Chia was in the house I put my mask back on to finish up the onions and she gave me a relieved look as if to say” Oh that was you”. It was all pretty comical and I was glad to see she was not traumatized for life. Now the tomato sauce was simmering and I had to get back to work.

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