Increase in Skin Allergies

1.1.34_blogphoto_cosmeticbagIf you think there seem to be more complaints of skin allergies, dermatitis and eczema, you are right. There has been a significant increase in reports of skin ailments in the past two years. Some dermatologists are suspecting a link between preservatives used in cleaning products and cosmetics. Most of these cases are some type of contact dermatitis, in other words, an allergy to something that has had contact with the skin.  Many people with skin allergies or irritations do not realize how often they may come in contact with a preservative. Preservatives are necessary if you have a cleanser or cosmetic that contains water. Without them products with water would grow harmful bacteria and fungus that can cause severe illness. Finding one that is effective at inhibiting bacterial growth without causing skin irritation is very difficult, especially for people with sensitive skin. Sometimes a manufacturer will use high concentrations of preservative to avoid spending time and money to formulate a stable product with the least concentration of preservative to be effective.

Today people use many products that contain one or more preservatives. Skin care products have been found to account for the majority of cases of allergic contact dermatitis, and how uncomfortable it can be…yet so many just live with it! From baby wipes to mascara, people are being exposed to more preservatives more often. Some products with preservatives, like dish washing liquid are not required to list their ingredients making it difficult try to avoid preservatives if you think they are a problem for you. Preservatives are used in concentrations such as  .005 parts per million to be effective, but even at these low concentrations they can be causing problems for the 1% of the population that are sensitive to them. If you are having skin irritations, try avoiding preservatives in products that come in contact with your skin and see if that makes a difference.  We choose to make our products without water so there is no need to add preservatives. You can feel comfortable using Alabu Skin Care for sensitive skin.

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