Planting “Our” Garden and the Killdeer

Killdeer faking itSo I finally put my foot down and moved planting “our” garden to the top of “my” list. (Yes, “our is in parenthesis for a reason…read on.) I knew we would be getting rain for the next few days, at least that was the latest “guess” I had heard the weatherman say. All last week when I thought I might be able to make time to plant, it was just so hot, it was in the 90’s and I thought my plants would die as soon as I planted them.  I wanted to wait for better weather. I believe that cloudy with an extended period of rain expected, it was a perfect time to plant.

The killdeer was the only thing holding me back.

Their nest was right next to one of my highest raised beds. I started in my lowest bed but that made the killdeer get off her nest and complain… loudly; I tried to ignore her.  I planted several rows of lettuce, beets, carrots and tomatoes. Then I had to move up to the next bed. I planted peppers, some jalapeño but mostly sweet. I moved up to my last bed, right next to the nest. Now both Killdeer were complaining, feigning broken wings and making a racket to draw me away. It was pretty hard to ignore at that point, but I was determined to finish before the rains came and I had missed my opportunity.

Then I left to go and get a rake and Dean came outside to meet me at the garage on the other side of the house. It was a little chilly with no sun and Dean told me he was getting worried that I was taking so long. I was so very sore and tired about this time, and I thought how sweet he is worried about me. Awwww! But no he was worried about the killdeer eggs! The mother had been off them a long time and he was worried they were cold. He wasn’t worried about me, my aching back, or my planting “our” garden.

Yes my husband is an animal lover. We had a cat for 17 years that I always said was his mistress. He wanted me to stop so she could go back to her eggs and warm them up. But I was so close to being able to complete my task, so I pushed on through his taunts of being so cold hearted for the killdeer babies. I finished planting “our” garden through the killdeer complaints and the husband complaints. Only then were the killdeer able to go back and sit on their nests. I did not tell the killdeer to make their nest next to ‘Our” garden. Am I a bad person?

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