Just a Country Girl: What About You?

Country-or-city-webI’m just a country girl, as you have probably guessed. I grew up on a tiny family farm in what passes for the country in New Jersey. I suppose if I grew up in the city I would feel differently about it. On my recent trip to the NYC, although I was excited to take in all the sites, I can’t imagine living in or having an extended visit to a big city. I have to admit this country girl feels a little lost and claustrophobic when I see the skyscrapers towering over me instead of tall trees and blue skies. I feel a kind of sad when I see so many people, with their eyes set on their destination (or their phones) and not seeing people or what goes on around them.

You can always tell the visitors like me, they are the ones looking all around and especially looking up and taking in the vast skyline. In the late afternoon after I was finished with business I was out and about and looked for parks(surprise that this country girl wanted some green!). I needed something more familiar to my senses; a break from the loud noises and hard lines of the architecture around me. I do appreciate all the beautiful buildings to see but I need the renewal that my spirit gets from trees and grass and living things. The old abandoned looking buildings look so depressing. Not at all like the country houses in disrepair that usually keep or even gain some of the country charm that makes you want to buy them and give them the TLC they need to bring that back to life.

I think I would get awfully depressed if I couldn’t see the sunrise everyday and wake up with the sound of birds singing. I get renewal every morning when I see the sunrise in the morning. I am a bit of a sunrise junkie and go through withdrawal if I go too long with out it. I’m told there are so many advantages to living in the city.  I know there are lots of people who love and thrive living in the city. I just know I’m not one of them. I’m more comfortable out in the country.

What about you?

For those of you that do not get a chance to see the country, we do a monthly letter that has lots of pictures and talks about our life on the farm.  Check it out, you will truly enjoy it.

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