Rosemary Essential Oil for Improved Memory


I like to use Rosemary essential oil when I want to remember. I often bring some with me to meetings and workshops. It’s neat that you don’t have to apply it to your skin or ingest it. Aromatherapy is so interesting. It’s not hoodoo voodoo as some people (a certain husband who shall remain unnamed) think. There is real research behind its efficacy. As I (and a certain unnamed husband) get more shall we say, mature; we notice that at times our old noggin doesn’t seem to have the same mental recall that we did when we were younger. Ok we forget things as we get older, but rosemary essential oil can help. But first a story about how it got its name. In Spain they believed that Mary and her son Jesus took shelter beneath it as they fled to Egypt to escape King Herod. It was called Rose of Mary, eventually shortened to Rosemary. Cool right?

It is nothing new that rosemary has medicinal benefits. It contains salicylic acid, which is like aspirin. It was even mentioned by Shakespeare as an aid to memory. Until recently it was only thought of as folk remedy. But more and more research is proving that rosemary does indeed improve memory. It not only improves performance it also improves speed. The research is showing that inhaled rosemary essential oil constituents (the parts that make it up) actually can be measure in the blood of the subject. Researchers are doing more studies to see what this may mean for people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Here is another post on the subject of Rosemary for Memory

Did you know that Alabu makes a Rosemary soap? Some people (unnamed husband again?) are not familiar with the herb (except on a roast) thought it was strange fragrance for soap. Try some and tell us what you think.


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