View From My Window – November 2013

941295_10201484812496272_809576386_nThis isn’t quite the view from my window, but I am so excited to be able to follow my big brother’s journey; sailing their new home, a 36 foot sailboat, down to the Florida Keys for the winter. He and his wife left NJ September 30 and started their voyage south. They hope to make it down to Marathon in the Florida Keys by Dec 1st, sort of trying to keep ahead of the  winter weather coming down from the north.  They have had quite an adventure so far, engine trouble, playful porpoises showing up to guide them to port, more engine trouble,  waiting for a submarine to pass, being dwarfed by large ocean going tankers, going through locks, draw bridges  and The Dismal Swamp! that apparently is not dismal at all. They are so thankful that they have been meeting lots of friendly people along the way. I love the fact that they took the leap of faith; sold their business and their house and bought a sailboat. They are living their dream and are having so much fun doing it together.

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