Seasons of Life

JackWe just want to mention an important passing in our lives. Our long time neighbor and dear friend Jack, died in his sleep about a week ago. He always said we were the best neighbors, but the truth is that was Jack. He lent us tools, and gave his time, words of wisdom, stories and laughs. Jack was a larger than life kind of guy. He always had a smile and a greeting for everyone who came near. He truly loved his wife, his 5 children, their spouses and grandchildren.  He was truly a hard working, unique and rugged individual. He always loved to talk to people and learn about new things or new places or just reminisce about the good old days.  He was a model of how a man should care for his family. Attending his services made me realize how he balanced his life between work and play and always made time for others. His passing has left a big whole in the family’s lives. But I don’t think they feel much regret. They are a very loving family, they knew he loved them and he knew they all loved him. We will really miss him and are grateful to have known him. We pray for his family as they enter this new season of their lives.  

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