View From My Window – March 2014

3This month the view from my window has been very white. This winter has been extremely cold and Facsi has had a really bad attitude about it. She throws a little fit every morning waiting for her breakfast to arrive. Poor Caddy is usually the object of her displeasure. She taunts  him over the fence throwing and shaking her head at him with her ears pinned back and occasionally tries to nip him. When all of this is going on the goats pretty much just try to stay out of her way. But little Caddy isn’t the least bit afraid of her and doesn’t back down and tries to nip at her too. This goes on until it’s about feeding time, then they both look in the direction of the house and wait for their humans to come and feed them.  When we get to the barn Fasci bangs on her door with her front foot!   She is rather grumpy and demanding when she is hungry. I think part of the reason she bothers Caddy so much is because he is a very slow eater and she gets mad that after she has gobbled up all her hay she can see him happily munching away on his hay.

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